2021 La Honda Virtual Music Camp

Virtual Music Camp!

Class Descriptions

Week 2 - July 19-23 - Monday-Friday

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The Singing Ukulele

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10 - 11am   with Glenda Bates

Learn to sing and play songs on the ukulele, while also learning the basics of song construction and song-writing! Especially helpful for students with some experience on voice or ukulele who want to learn the other half, but open to complete beginners as well. 

Fun with Recorders!


10 - 11am   with Melissa Neyer

will take you through a journey of exploring how to make music on this simple, yet complex, instrument. Students will learn how to play an array of songs by learning the notes of the music staff, applying the written notes to the recorder, finger patterns, and how to record with a backing track.

String Chamber Music

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10 - 11am   with Keith Lawrence

In this performance-based class, students will learn ensemble skills, with a special focus on string player techniques, challenges, and strategies for being smart performers. Students will collaborate to create a performance piece during the week.

Contemporary Composition Techniques

Graphic Notation


11:30 - 12:30 with Zoe Kitinoja

From antiquity to the present time, composition has come a long way. Contemporary composers are coming up with new and exciting ways to put music on paper, and graphic notation is one of the most creative ways yet. In this class, we will learn about this technique and the composers who use it. Most importantly, the students will have the opportunity to create their own compositions using this special technique! 

String Recording Production

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11:30 - 12:30 with Keith Lawrence

String creation recording, production, and imagination skills. This is a class for students to learn the basics of recording themselves using current, accessible technologies and equipment through creating and producing original recordings that encourage their creativity, independence, self-confidence, and musical imagination. 

Double Reed Ensemble


11:30 - 12:30   with Katie Brunner

Over the course each one-week session, students will immerse themselves in exploring and learning repertoire written or arranged for small wind ensembles. Each small ensemble will meet together for one hour each day, and additional individual practice will be required. The session will culminate with a performance by the small ensemble.

Body Percussion


1 - 2pm with Divesh Karamchandani

We will learn to play grooves utilizing different parts of our body with gestures like patting our thighs to stomping our feet, snapping to clapping, and even incorporating some vocal effects. While body percussion falls into the percussive category, it is actually for everyone regardless of your instrument. Get ready to move and groove!

Jazz Improvisation

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1 - 2pm with Stan Martin

This class will use standard jazz tunes as vehicles to explore harmony, melody, rhythm, and improvisational concepts. Topics may include modes of the major scale, ii-V-I's, the blues scale, major, minor, and diminished chord structures with sevenths. Open to students with any level of experience!



1 - 2pm with Julia Marquis

This year, we are focusing on papercraft projects that our students can create at home. For our first project, we will be looking at the art of bookmaking and hand binding sketchbooks. We will then move on to making pop up books and designing our own 3D pages.

Brass Chamber Music

Erika Wilsen, Horn CROPPED.jpeg

2:30 - 3:30 with Erika Wilsen

In this performance-based class, students will learn ensemble skills, with a special focus on brass player techniques, challenges, and strategies for being smart performers. Students will collaborate to create a performance piece during the week. 

Dance & Movement


2:30 - 3:30   with Yoon Choe Mitchell

Moving to the beat! 

We will learn two different line dances to well known tunes! One for Halloween (from 2 choices) and one for spring/summer (also from 2 possible choices)! Learn how to find and move to the beat with your whole body and energize your spirit! 

Flute Choir

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2:30 - 3:30pm with Grace Lai

This is a performance-based course that will focus on the study and performance of music for flute choir. It is designed to help students develop their flute playing and ensemble skills, as well as expand their knowledge of flute playing technique. Open to students with any level of experience!

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