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History of Music Camp

Hayward La Honda Music Camp has been running for over 6 decades! A lot of history! This is just a small sample of some years gone by and the people involved. So many memories!

Milt Bowerman

Camp Director and the guiding force of Music Camp for decades

Stan Martin, Dinny McGuire, Dave Martin and Jack Lutt in 1974


Camp Co-founder Dave Martin,

Jean Bowerman, Lani Martin,

Milt Bowerman, Carl Eberhardt,

Andy Martin,

Jack Lutt

and Carol Lutt


Staff in 1976

Milt Bowerman,

Beverly Johnson

and Ed Krenz



Aaron Shaul,

Tyler Martin,

Dave Eshelman,

Chris Marquis,

Greg Sudmeier,

Rita Zigas-Brown,

Greg Brown,

Tim Smith,

Troy Davis



Andy Martin,

Greg Sudmeier

Stan Martin,

Scott Martin,

Greg Brown,

Dann Zinn

Music Camp 1984

Staff 1980


Liz Marquis,

Greg 'Suds' Sudmeier, Dave Otteson


A counselor with

Camp Co-founder Ed Krenz

Greg Sudmeier, Elliott Charnow, Milt Bowerman

Milt Bowerman,

Lani Martin,

Dave Martin


A testament to Music Camp and lifelong friendships formed! 

Special Night Theme?

'The Blues Brothers' 1981


Special Night Band 1977


Milt Bowerman,

Dave Cannon,

Marvin Bowerman

Russ Lemaster

Dave Martin

Gary Bailey

Jack Lutt

Milt Bowerman and Elliott Charnow

Mic Gillette from Tower of Power plays in Staff Jazz Band with Stan Martin and Dave Martin  1977

Chris Marquis

Mic Gillette

Scott Martin

Play for lunch music

Board President Steve Coburn, Scott Martin, Co-Founder Dave Martin


Elliott Charnow, Dave Martin,

Ted Newton


Jack Lutt,

Milt Bowerman, Tony Gallardo, Dave Martin, Elliott Charnow


Elliott Charnow

Ted Newton

Dave Martin

Jim Hiener

2010 Staff

Marvin and Sue Bowerman

Long time leaders of Music Camp.

Music Camp Staff 1974


Jack 'Doc' Lutt

Lani Martin

Carol Lutt

and the Martin bros

Scott, Andy and Stan Martin

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