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Sample Daily Schedule

A sample of 'A Day at La Honda Music Camp'

Daily schedule consists of 3 periods of core classes and 2 periods of elective classes.

6:45  Reveille

7:30  Breakfast

8:20  Period 1 – Jr. Camp Chorus, Sr. Wind Ensemble, Symphonic Band Sec./String Sectionals

9:30  Period 2 – Jr. Concert Band/Jr. Orchestra, Sr. Symphonic Band, Sr. W.E. sec, Sr. String Orchestra

10:40 Period 3 – Jr. Wind Ensemble/Sr. Full Orchestra, Sr. Camp Chorus

12:00 Lunch Time

12:50 Rest Time

1:10   Period 4 – Elective Period  Click Here for List of Electives

2:25   Period 5 – Elective Period

3:40   Recreation Time - Swimming, Archery, Zip Line, Climbing Tower and more!

5:30   Dinner

6:15   Recreation Time/Quiet Time/Staff Jazz

7:45   Evening Activity

10:15 Lights Out

Evening Activities

Evening activities are provided for the recreation of the campers and the presentation of music they have worked on in small ensembles throughout the week.

  • Saturday: Get Acquainted Night, Master Class Presentations, 4th-5th period Chamber groups meet

  • Sunday: Dance, Movie Night, optional night hike

  • Monday: Coyote Bowl Campfire Staff Entertainment

  • Tuesday: Cook-out, Skit Night

  • Wednesday: Chamber Music Night

  • Thursday: Jazz Night

  • Friday: Special Theme Dinner, Dance, Movie Night

An unforgettable week of Music, Fun and Friendships!

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