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General Information:

Cabin assignments are made on a first come, first served basis upon registration at camp.

Campers are not allowed to bring cars to camp.

Campers are expected to remain in camp for the full session including the entire Saturday Concert.

What to Bring to Camp

A detailed list and instructions will be email to you close to the start date of camp.

You will need to bring a sleeping bag to sleep in.

Any daily medications need to be registered with the onsite nurse.

Your musical instruments and accessories.

Musical Needs:

Bring your own instrument - folding music stand and four clothes pins.
A. String players - extra strings and resin for your bow, plus a pencil.
B. Reed players - extra reeds plus a pencil.
C. Brass players - valve oil and straight mute, plus a pencil.
D. Percussion - your own sticks and accessories. Bring your own drum set if you wish to perform in a jazz band or jazz ensemble - plus a pencil.

If you don't own your own instrument, you must make arrangements to borrow one.
Bring a prepared piece of music to auditions for a seating assignment on the first day.
EVERYONE BRING A PENCIL and those interested in taking a music theory class, bring blank manuscript paper. 


Auditions (required on first Saturday)

Click here for detailed information  for auditions on the first day of camp.


Many school music programs offer scholarships to students in their programs. Check with your own school music director to see if they are available. The camp encourages students with financial hardship to apply for a tuition scholarship. The deadline to apply is April 30th. Print and return this form.  


All campers are to provide their own transportation to and from camp. Campers should arrive for registration on the first Saturday of camp. Campers my not drive themselves to camp, as there is no camper vehicle parking available.

Directions to Camp

The drive from Hayward to La Honda is about 60 miles and takes approximately an hour and a half. A map will be sent with your receipt and what to bring to camp instructions. The camp is located on the Pescadero-La Honda Road between the town of La Honda and the San Mateo County Memorial Park. It may be reached from State Highway #1 on the coast or from Woodside on Highway #84.



There is a small camp store that is open after dinner or during a dance.

The information below is for the time we are at camp.

Camp Emergency Phone: (650) 747-1200. 

The mailing address is: Hayward La Honda Music Camp 

YMCA Jones Gulch

11000 Pescadero Rd.

La Honda, ca 94020


Please specify Cabin Name/number and Camp (SR/JR). 

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