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Jazz Improvisation:

  • Interested campers will be exposed to and gain experience in musical expression through improvisation. Students with little or no experience are also encouraged to register for this course.

  • Open to all wind and string players and pianists (keyboard provided)

  • Percussionists may not enroll UNLESS they play drumset or a melodic/harmonic percussion instrument (vibraphone, marimba, etc.)

  • Performances throughout the week

Wind Chamber Groups:

  • Small ensembles of wind instruments are arranged to play music written for their instrumentation in preparation for performances during meals or at a Wednesday Ensemble Night concert 

  • Open to all wind instruments

String Chamber Groups:

  • Small ensembles of string instruments are arranged to play music written for their instrumentation in preparation for performances during meals or at the Wednesday Ensemble Night concert (sorry, we cannot accommodate parental attendance for this concert.)

  • Open to violins, violas, cellos, bass violins

Vocal Jazz:

  • A small group singing ensemble.

  • Have fun learning to sing jazz

Arts and Crafts

  • Tie-dye, clay, drawing and other crafts are explored ….

  • Open to all

  • Campers may enroll in ONLY 1 period of Art

  • Art is on display at Final Concert


Music Business:

  • Learn how to take your love of music and make it your career

  • What does it take to make it your profession

  • Learn the basics of self promotion, booking gigs, professional opportunities and more!

American Music:

  • Learn more about popular music in the US

  • Develop a deeper appreciation of jazz, ragtime, rock, rap, hip-hop, contemporary art music

  • Learn about their roots, cultural and historical connections, and how to differentiate various styles

Jazz Bands:

  • Literature from a variety of stylistic periods for large jazz ensemble will be rehearsed and performed. Students will gain experience in ensemble playing as well as improvisation

  • Open to all jazz band instruments (trumpet, trombone, alto/tenor/bari sax, bass, guitar, drum set; keyboard provided)

  • Auditions during check-in on Saturday, but everyone gets into an ensemble

  • Performance on Thursday night 

Audio Recording Techniques (based on availability):

  • Learn the basics of recording music using your computer

  • Mic techniques, audio mixing secrets, using samples.

  • Apple lap tops are preferred with Garage Band installed

  • Students of this class must bring laptop (with power adapter) and headphones (preferably over-the-ear style, no earbuds).


  • Learn to have fun with Ukulele 

  • Further develop your skills and play with your friends

  • Please bring your own ukulele if you have one! Limited number available for loan.


  • Learn how to conduct an ensemble 

  • Develop your skills as a conductor

  • Conquer conducting in various time signatures



For beginners to advanced players! Learn the basics of guitar techniques or shred on some new tunes. A limited number of guitars will be provided.

Mindfulness for Musicians

Practice breathing techniques, stretching, and awareness to help you stay relaxed, focused, and eliminate performance anxiety while playing.

Musical Theater

Learn your favorite songs from Broadway musicals with minimal choreography. Open to all! No experience required.

Double Reedmaking

Learn about crafting reeds for oboe and bassoon. Open to all! You don’t have to be a double reed player.

Percussion Ensemble

Using traditional and found percussion, create a performance with your fellow campers. No experience required!

Beginning Music Theory

Learn the foundations of intervals, scales, chords, and how melody, harmony, and rhythm work together. 

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