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Contemporary Music


Attention all Guitar Players, Singers, Drummers, Keyboards and Bass Players!!

This will be new for La Honda Music Camp this year! If you play rock, R&B, funk or any other kind of current music, this will be for you! We will form smaller groups to play music and have fun!

Performance bands:


  • Literature from a variety of stylistic periods for contemporary commercial groups will be rehearsed and performed. Students will gain experience in ensemble playing as well as improvisation.

  • Open to all who want to learn how to play or sing in a band. Guitar, Bass, Drums, Keyboards, Horns and Singers!

  • Auditions during check-in on Saturday

  • Performance opportunities.

  • Interested campers will be exposed to and gain experience in musical expression. Students with little or no experience are also encouraged to register for this course.

  • Performances throughout the week



  • Learn the basics of recording music using your computer

  • Mic techniques, audio mixing secrets, using samples.


Song Writing:

  • Learn the basics of writing a pop song. Lyrics, song structure and composition.

  • Open to students with a knowledge of chords and basic composing


Pop Music History:


  • In this class we will learn about the evolution of rock and contemporary music. From the early start of rock & roll to the current trends in Hip Hop.

  • Open to all who want to learn about the history of important musicians and events as well as the evolution of pop music.

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