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Relive the Magic of Camp as an Adult!

This is a '21 and over' event.

Classic Camp Events

  • Campfire at Coyote (Indian) Bowl

  • Meal Music

  • Jam Sessions

  • Ensembles - Brass. Strings. Woodwind.

  • Art!

  • Hiking

  • Jones Gultch Extra Curriculars (Zipline, Rock Climbing, Archery)

Reconnect with Friends

  • Play and perform

  • Hang out on the Dining Hall Deck

  • Relive camp shenangins

  • An Awards show for Camp Legends.


  • Cost: $300 per person

  • 2 nights in cabins (just like old time!)

  • Meals in the dining hall

  • Opportunities to reconnect and have fun!

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